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Thursday, August 23, 2007

How It Works & Call for Submissions!

I'm so excited today to announce a new project I'm taking on here at Poppytalk, Poppytalk Handmade! It's been in the planning stages for a while now and I am now able to announce a Call for Submissions to our new online street market. Just like a real street/flea market, indie makers of all kinds will be able to rent a virtual table at Poppytalk Handmade for an opening date of early October/07 (just in time for the christmas season)!

Since the inception of Poppytalk’s “Etsy Pick of the Day” (www.etsypickoftheday.blogspot.com) last January and hosting my design blog, Poppytalk (www.poppytalk.blogspot.com) for the past two and a half years, I have come to realize the power of the internet and my responsibility to support the artists/designers in a fair and successful way.

I have also experienced and seen the frustrations of the seller and buyers to find/sell quality product amongst the sea of vendors. And having been quite successful with my picks both at Poppytalk and Poppytalk's Etsy Pick of the Day and to continue Poppytalk’s dedication to support emerging design talent, the idea of an online “virtual” street market came to mind to place focus and highlight handpicked quality designers!

The market will feature product that I personally love and would have in my own home. From the buyers point of view, it's like coming to my own personal little shop; each piece handpicked by me. I've received so much positive feedback from my readership, I thought that this was a good way to showcase artists and art that I love. My readership has grown to several thousand each day now and continues to grow, and my Etsy Picks of the Day consistently sell out. Artists will have a great opportunity to expose their work to my readership.

The site will feature a limited number of tables/pages (sellers), each will have one image on the home page. Imagine a site with virtual tables holding images of special designers, for a one month period. Each Poppytalk Handmade Street Market will be a month long allowing designers to showcase their wares in a more focused and quality platform and to increase awareness of their product more effectively. All items will be tagged and categorized for the buyers to be able to find preferred items (e.g. papergoods, art, etc.).

The first Poppytalk Handmade Street Market is planned for the beginning of October 2007 to fall in line with the holiday shopping season and if it becomes successful will become a monthly event.

Call For Submissions!

A call for submissions is going out for the first market effective immediately. Poppytalk Handmade Street Market will be going through all submissions received up to the deadline of September 15th, 2007. We will accept all handmade goods in the categories of art (from mixed media to photography), accessories (belts & bags), ceramics, crochet & knitting, furniture, holiday themed items, housewares, jewelry, papergoods, toys, and vintage (because we love vintage)! Forward submissions to poppytalkblog@yahoo.ca (including images and links of your product).

How it will work:

This opportunity to highlight quality handmade goods will be made possible by creating a website (www.poppytalkhandmade.com) which will host an image from each table/designer on the front page. A link from the image will go to the designer’s table (page) holding 9 items. Each page will introduce the designer and why they were picked or what we love about them and each item will have a description along with a link to their online store (be it Etsy, Mintd, Dawanda or personal online store/site). All monies exchanged will be between the buyer and the seller much like a real street market). And just like a regular street market, there will be a charge to rent a table (or in this case a page) which will cover administration and web hosting fees. Once an item sells, you will be able to upload a new item at any time.

October Price: $60 per table (plus applicable taxes)

Think of it like a one month advertising fee with enhanced features. Each table will hold 10 images of your product selected between Poppytalk Handmade and you which will hyperlink to your etsy, dawanda, mintd or selected online store.

If you wish to share a table with a friend you may do so, however to avoid administration, you will have to arrange payment through one person only. And the ten images will need to be split up between yourselves and Poppytalk Handmade.

We look forward to hearing from you!