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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New PHM Pricing!

We are please to offer a new pricing scale for the PHM markets. Many participants have been returning to the market and in some cases have been with us from the beginning. As we first began the market we priced it as if it were an ad space on our blog with extra perks (a table!) And now that many are returning, we'd like to offer a discount as follows:

First month - $60
If you return for a second month and each month after - $50
If you return (with advance notice) for three consecutive months - $135

Please pass this info on to any one you think may benefit or would be interested in participating, thank you!


If you are a group/shop and or/collective we will accept you, however the price changes depending on the number of people involved. please email poppytalkblog(AT)yahoo(DOT)ca for details.