Thursday, May 22, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How many products from a particular designer do you display at one time?

(A) Each participant has it's own page which has 12 placecards to hold twelve items on each page. One item from each page gets shown on the frontpage. We generally have around 75 participants - hence about 75 images on the frontpage, which rotate randomly each time you load the page.

(Q) Do you pick the items and what happens if one of more sell out are they replaced with other items?

(A) Generally if you have been chosen to participate, we don't need to choose your items, however we sometimes will suggest items in your portfolio that may work with the theme of the market or we may be interested in a particlar collection or series you have made specifically.

If your item sells out or you wish to replace an item, you can upload/exhange anytime during the market at no extra cost.

(Q)How would I send payment?

(A) We invoice (via paypal) after you have received your participant and login information just after the deadline submission date.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

phm - call for submissions!


we have just announced our latest upcoming market theme, "Home Sweet Home", a Housewares-themed market (Jul 07 - Aug 08, 2008) and I just had to post this adorable tea towel from former participant, showpony to announce it here. it's spelled out in stacks of dirty plates (so clever) and so fitting for a market all about the home.

so if you make lovely things to make a house a home, we're looking for your submission! from oven mitts to vintage tableware, from affordable art to ceramics, from bath products to the baby room. anything "homey"! the submission deadline for this one is june 27th.

and a special mention for our next market "Here Comes the Sun", a Summer-themed market (Jun 09 - Jul 04, 2008)! there's still time to send in your sunny submission (deadline is May 27th). we're looking for anything summer related, anything goes, it just needs so have a summer feel!

send all submissions to poppytalkblog[at]yahoo[dot]ca and just mention the market theme in the subject.

Monday, May 12, 2008

"paper pops" a papergoods & affordable art market launches today!

Picture 7

we've really been looking forward to this market and are thrilled now that it's here! this month turned out to be the most popular when it came to submissions to date and it we kept adding a few more and a few more, because we just couldn't turn away the talent. so now that we are plum full, we hope you'll enjoy visiting this most amazing bunch of independent designers and artists! we've also got a "papergoods guide" and "affordable art" guide that will accompany this month's roster (available within the next few days)! and for fun a few jewelry pieces with a "paper" or "stamp" affiliation that we couldn't resist! thank you for visiting and for supporting handmade. click here to see what we mean!

Picture 8
Picture 6
Picture 5
Picture 4
Picture 3
Picture 2